“Anything metal” is a nice way of describing what can be powder coated.  With that being said, we still get the question, “so can you powder coat aluminum?” Absolutely!  What people often forget is how much we are surrounded by aluminum structures in our daily lives.  Take for example the retail shops and restaurants that we frequent.  The stress-bearing load of the building is made of cement, wood, brick, and steel.  However, the non-structural elements that keep out the weather, shield patrons from the sun & rain, and allow from easy handling are often made of aluminum.  As seen in the photo, this may include the awnings, handrails, window & door storefront curtain walls, gutters, rain spouts, and even the outdoor dining chairs & tables.

Powder coating aluminum offers a highly protective yet aesthetically pleasing metal finishing for a cost-effective building material.  Normal wet paint applications will start to fade within a year as opposed to powder coating which holds its gloss level for upwards of 10 years.  Not to mention, with a sound anchor pattern created by abrasive blasting techniques, these top-level coatings with contend with heavy traffic and use.  In fact, powder coating aluminum is more durable, more chip-resistant, and much more environmentally friendly than its wet coating counterpart.

AAMA, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, even has a performance standard for the durability and gloss retention of powders up to 10 years.  These polyester formulations are suitable for residential and commercial applications as seen on internal and external features.  Architects, building owners, and developers should understand what parameters are required for optimal powder performance.  If in doubt, please call the experts at Houston Powder Coaters to further explain the processes in its entirety.

So the question can you powder coat aluminum?is quite an easy one to answer.  Absolutely!