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Beating the Heat with Powder Coating in Houston


Houston, Texas is known for its hot and humid summers. With temperatures regularly reaching over 90°F and heat indexes regularly reaching 100 degrees some days, it can be challenging to stay cool and comfortable. However, there is a solution that can help beat the heat – powder coating.

The Environmental Advantages of Powder Coating in Houston


Powder coating is well known for its durability, attractiveness, and unmatched corrosion and environmental protection.  What it is less known for, but perhaps its greatest asset, is its eco-friendliness. Powder coating in Houston boasts many environmental impact advantages when compared with other types of coating processes.

Houston High-rises: How Powder Coating Can Set Them Apart


High-rises are relatively new to powder coating, with one of the first high rises to use powder coating being built in New York City in 2020.  The 51-story Hudson Yards structure took over twenty thousand pounds of PPG’s Coraflon powder coating to the metal elements for the exterior of the building.  The company responsible for the massive undertaking used FEVE, or fluoroethylene vinyl ether, which unlike other architectural powder coatings can be applied at ambient temperature rather than requiring high temperatures to cure.

Ensuring Powder Coatings Reach Maximum Corrosion Resistance


When it comes to corrosion resistance, industrial powder coatings in Houston are known for their high level of durability.  Corrosive environments are more than industrial zones that handle chemicals both liquid and airborne, with the outdoors being the main corrosive environment powder coated machinery and products are exposed to. 

Essential Pre-Treatment Advice for Powder Coating Aluminum in Houston


Powder coating is a great option to coat metals like aluminum and protect them from a harsh environment.  The powder coating method ensures a durable, long-lasting finish that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.  However, to get the durability you expect out of powder coated aluminum, pre-treatments are necessary to make an optimum surface for the powder coating to stick to.

Types of Powder Coating Materials and Their Uses: Thermoplastics


Thermoplastic powder coating is physically bonded to the surface with the introduction of heat.  This requires batch baking that sets the powder coating by turning into liquid form.  Thermoplastic coatings are thicker and tend to be more durable than thermoset powders. Thermoplastic powders are used in a variety of industries, from the automotive industry to the appliance industry and more

Powder Coating for Extreme Weather in Houston

Powder Coating for Extreme Weather in Houston

Houston is subject to all manner of weather conditions.  Heavy rains and floods, ice storms, extreme heat, and more can all wreak havoc on things that are exposed to the outdoors consistently.  Powder coating Houston’s large-scale outdoor installations such as traffic...
Fusion Bonded Epoxy for Water Pipeline Infrastructure

Fusion Bonded Epoxy for Water Pipeline Infrastructure

Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE for short) and abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO for short) are well known in Houston for their uses in the oil and gas industry.  Where they are not well known, however, is in the municipal water industry, such as pipes used to bring drinking...
Weather-Resistant Powder Coatings in Houston

Weather-Resistant Powder Coatings in Houston

Powder coating provides great protection and durability for many items subject to the elements.  To get the best out of weather-resistant powder coatings in Houston, there are certain steps that should be taken to provide optimal protection, especially if refinishing...
Non-skid Powder Coating Finishes for Commercial Buildings in Houston

Non-skid Powder Coating Finishes for Commercial Buildings in Houston

Commercial buildings in large metropolitan areas such as Houston, TX see an inordinate amount of traffic when compared to smaller cities.  With highly populous areas, buildings are typically built up instead of out.  While elevators are the main method of going up and...