The warm summer months have arrived—or, if you’re in Houston, you may have already been experiencing summer weather for weeks now. In the days ahead, many of us will spend time outside with family and friends. Whether that time includes a dip in the swimming pool or just conversations on the deck, outdoor patio furniture is used in many outdoor gatherings in Houston. These pieces can provide a convenient place to relax and can also add decorative flavor to an outdoor space.

Of course, outdoor patio furniture is also constantly exposed to the elements, which can damage the finish over time. The climate in Houston can be especially unforgiving—the humidity and sun damage can leave patio furniture in desperate need of attention, whether it’s a family piece handed down through the generations or a newer one purchased at the specialty patio store. Outdoor patio furniture restoration in Houston can alleviate the damaging effects of the weather, and keep furniture looking new and inviting.

Though powder coating in Houston is prominently used in industrial and commercial settings, the processes and techniques also provide for superior coating protection in a job as small as the refinishing of deck chairs. The powder coating process utilizes strict surface preparation standards in which industrial equipment is used to remove rust and dirt from the piece, as well as any previous coatings such as paint. These surface preparation techniques, including abrasive blasting, burn-off, or hand-etching, produce a cleaner surface than any DIY job could ever attain. Anchor profiles are also created through these processes, which provides for better adherence when the powder coating is applied.

The outdoor patio furniture restoration process continues with the piece being hung and hosed down with compressed air to achieve a dust-free and dirt-free surface. Any such contaminants would produce irregularities in the coating once it’s applied, so it’s important to get the surface as clean as possible.

At this point, the powder coating is applied to the piece. Electrostatic guns are used to apply a high level build-up of thermoset powder, which is specially formulated to flow at the high temperatures inside a curing oven. As the powder melts and flows, it encapsulates the piece creating a protective shell around the metal. The result is a coating which is more consistent, durable, and aesthetically pleasing than a traditional coating such as paint.

Outdoor patio furniture restoration in Houston can bring many different types of furniture pieces back to life: from chairs and tables to barbecue pits and fences, the powder coating process allows for an effective and attractive coating no matter the shape of the piece or the damage to the surface. When considering the restoration of outdoor patio furniture, consumers would be wise to research the benefits of powder coating in producing a protective finish that will last longer and will be more effective than any DIY job.