Structural steel is a versatile product, and its cost-effectiveness makes it the go-to metal across many industries. Due to its strength and relative lightness, structural steel is consistently used in the construction of buildings, warehouses, hangars, stadiums, and bridges.  From elongated beams to large cross-member I-beam supports, structural steel is manufactured in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and gauge strengths.  Unfortunately, all structural steel has the same weakness – rust.

In order to provide the best structural steel corrosion protection in Houston, it is important to analyze the exposure and corrosion risk the steel will be subject to.  A structural steel bridge over brackish or saltwater bodies of water will face a higher corrosion risk than an internal beam for a residential apartment building.  Furthermore, steel fabricated for oilfield equipment will be exposed to corrosive chemical attack and impacts that a commercial awning will not see.

As protective coatings are the first line of defense against corrosion, different industries may require different surface preparation methods, coating systems, and application methods to match the end-use specification.  Houston Powder Coaters, in particular, offers several industrial grade coating systems that will protect the steel from intense UV exposure, high impact, or concentrated brine conditions that may assault the coatings.  From harsh coastal environments to temperate internal conditions, structural steel corrosion protection in Houston is imperative not only to elongate its functional life, but also to retain its cosmetic appeal.

Whatever your needs are, Houston Powder Coaters can provide the ultimate structural steel corrosion protection in Houston.  Call 281-676-3888 or email