Powder coating provides great protection and durability for many items subject to the elements.  To get the best out of weather-resistant powder coatings in Houston, there are certain steps that should be taken to provide optimal protection, especially if refinishing an item that already has a powder coating. 

The first step is to prepare the surface to accept the powder coat.  This can be done by media blasting.  Media blasting in Houston is the process of using small granules (can be sand, crushed walnut shells, etc.) blown at high speed against an object to remove debris like old paint or rust.  This step, where necessary, is vital to the life of the powder coat.

The next step is the actual powder coating application.  A primer or rust deterrent can be applied to the surface before the actual powder coat to serve as a foundation.  Zinc-rich primers can be used to prevent the formation of rust in humid or wet environments.  The powders used in powder coating stick to the surface of the primed metal through electrostatic charge. 

The last step is the curing process.  All coatings have a curing time, even traditional paints such as latex and oil-base, and their curing times are different.  The same is true for powder coating in Houston.  Unlike more traditional liquid coatings, however, part of the curing process for powder coating is exposure to intense heat. This is usually in a batch oven, over a specific period of time and specific temperature, depending on the type and brand of powder coat.  A further curing process occurs outside the oven at room temperature and should not be exposed to the elements until that process is fully complete.