FREE Pick-Up & Delivery
Back by popular demand, Houston Powder Coaters is offering FREE Pick-Up & Delivery to most residences within the Greater Houston Area (for all outdoor furniture pieces). That means Katy to Baytown, Clear Lake to The Woodlands, and everything in between! – FREE Pick-Up & Delivery.

No need to scratch up your car or worry about renting a truck. Houston Powder Coaters will transport your patio furniture for FREE. Let our experienced team package your tables, chairs, and chaise lounges with protective moving blankets and secure them properly in our moving vans. Call 281-676-3888 for more information and to confirm your address is within the FREE zone.

Straps, Slings, Fabric Replacement
Houston Powder Coaters offers the full turnkey experience for patio furniture refinishing inclusive of the replacement of straps, slings, and other fabric accessories. With fifty strap colors and hundreds of sling designs to choose from, you are sure to find the look you are going for. All top-quality materials are custom cut and fitted to each individual chair, bench, or chaise lounge. Proper tension and support is tested and confirmed to ensure a relaxing and comfortable feel.

Accredited Warranty Repair Center
Houston Powder Coaters is the premier Outdoor Furniture Repair & Refinishing Company in Texas. In fact, dozens of patio furniture manufacturers recommend Houston Powder Coaters to service their warranty work and repair within the region. With decades of experience and thousands of outdoor furniture pieces refinished, Houston Powder Coaters delivers the highest quality standard and service around.

Top names brands service include: Brown Jordan, Winston, Woodard, Hannamint, Tropitone, Mallin, Hanover, Allen & Roth, Carter Grandle, O.W. Lee, Suncoast, Lexington/Tommy Bahama, Agio, Sunvilla, Alfresco Home, Hampton Bay, and more.

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How To Get A Free Estimate
Let’s reaffirm that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, a couple pictures are worth that many more. That being said, simply take 3-4 pictures of your set and email them to Include your contact information as well so we can determine where you live and make sure you are in the FREE PIck-Up & Delivery Zone. That’s it… pretty easy, huh?

Welding Repair
For metal furniture that requires a little extra attention due to rot, broken pieces, or missing supports, Houston Powder Coaters offers welding repair on all aluminum, wrought iron, and steel components. Whether it is due to overuse, corrosion, or the effects of time, damaged furniture can be refurbished to look like new.

Furthermore, feet caps that have rusted away or broken off completely will replaced with new metal ones and capped with plastic inserts. Please note that if one cap needs replacement on a particular piece, Houston Powder Coaters will replace all four so the integrity of the piece is maintained.

Whether you call it Metal Patio Furniture Repair, Outdoor Furniture Restoration, or Lawn Furniture Refinishing, Houston Powder Coaters is here to assist and answer all your questions. Please do not hesitate to call us directly at 281-676-3888 with any concern.

Our Ovens
Oven (1) Size – 75’ x 12’ x 10’
Oven (2) Size – 26′ x 12′ x 12′
Oven (3) Size – 36′ x 12′ x 12′

  • Pass-Through Batch Convection Gas Ovens

  • Can accommodate panels or gates up to 15′ tall (propped on the diagonal)

  • 3-Set Railing System designed for efficient traversing through pass-through operation

Blasting Booth – 65’ x 16’ x 15’

  • Indoor Abrasive Blasting Booth

  • Steel Grit & Crushed Glass Capabilities (for carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel
    and aluminum pieces)

Handling Capabilities
Able to handle individual parts up to 25,000 lbs.

Batch Racks
Over 50 customized box, base, and tree racks with fixed and swivel casters designed for small and large quantity runs

Coating Booths
Nordson Encore LT Manual Powder Guns with VBF Dolly Systems

QA / QC Areas
Over 20,000 square feet of indoor space with additional lighting, specially created for proper quality assurance (regardless of the weather or time of day)
Standard turnaround time is five (5) business days. However, rush jobs are available for an additional cost and with prior approval.

Lawn & Patio Furniture

Here in southeast Texas, outdoor furniture is constantly bombarded with harsh weather patterns, corrosive (salt & chlorinated) environments, and relentless humidity.  It’s a dreadful cycle of “Sun, Rain, Rust, Repeat”.  Although corrosion in all its forms is impossible to stop, Houston Powder Coaters proudly offers several products and procedures to inhibit this destructive process and elongate the life of your lawn and patio furniture.

At Houston Powder Coaters, all furniture pieces will pass through a stringent 11-point process to ensure a top-quality protective finish.  Surface preparations include the removal of all previous coatings through burn-off, abrasive-blast, and/or hand-etching techniques.  This process not only removes other contaminants like rust and dirt, but it also creates “anchor profiles” for the powder to adhere to. The furniture is then carefully hung and positioned on large racks where it is hosed down with compressed air to ensure a clean and dust-free surface.

Next begins the back-and-forth artistry of maneuvering the pieces from the coating booth to the oven several times over, where they will receive a unique coating system that will hold up to Houston’s heat and humidity.  Experienced applicators spray every inch of every piece multiple times to ensure an equal and level build-up of powder.  Once in the oven for the last time, the resulting flow and hardening of the powder will create a durable and elegant finish.  Depending upon the pre-determined coating and its specifications, the pieces will lastly undergo a series of quality checkpoints to ensure that the application, curing, and resulting finish are of the highest standards.